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Almas Skincare at Sekar Kedaton

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Sekar Kedaton Heritage Body & Face Treatment

That afternoon I visited the beauty salon again in the neighboring city, Purwokerto. My frequent activities of playing outdoor make my face prone to acne, especially my sensitive and oily skin type. Especially when your period comes, hmmm.. Eh, but this doesn’t apply to you guys, you will never be able to feel the pleasure of PMS. PMS can make the taste of sugar turn bitter, it can make a smooth face turn into acne, and it can suddenly make a girl have more strength than usual to get angry. Hahaha

This time I want to tell you about my experience using Almas Estetika skin care, the salon brand is Sekar Kedaton.

In the past, I tried one of the well-known skin care products which ended up with acne on my face. I decided to go back to Almas Estetika, who was already loyal, but instead I turned away from her. Hahaha
I went back to Sekar Kedaton to do the treatment, neutralizing the creams that clog the skin pores and make my face acne. I do treatments ranging from facials, facial peeling, to microdemarbation. The service at Sekar Kedaton is quite satisfying, the hairdresser is also friendly, I like asking questions about this and that but they are still patient in answering my questions with a friendly smile. The doctor is also friendly, I often consult via WhatsApp chat and always respond.

Sekar Kedaton Salon waiting room

Indeed, to sterilize the face from cream that clogs the skin pores, it takes time and process. Very grateful to meet Almas Estetika products again. I don’t like skin care that makes my skin white like a foreigner. My goal in using skin care is just to get rid of acne and make my face look fresher. It’s not a big deal to ask for white, shiny, shiny skin *if you want that, just use a bleach, hahaha

Facials at Sekar Kedaton start from Rp. 35.000, cheaper than facials at Dest Skin, LBC, Larissa, Natasha, and Navagreen. There are several types of face masks, including gold masks, super gold, whitening masks, and face masks. Apart from facials, there are also microdemarbation, facial peeling, oxygen pill jets, facial irons, powder embroidery, cream baths and hair masks. Don’t worry, there is a doctor, you can consult first before carrying out treatment.

Not just facials, masks and body scrubs.

At Sekar Kedaton there are also body scrubs and body masks. There are 14 variants of body scrubs and masks that you can choose from. The body scrub and mask package is only Rp. 80.000. But if you just want a scrub or mask, you can do that too. Only Rp. 40,000. But unfortunately at Sekar Kedaton there are no baths for soaking after the scrub/masker so it’s like eating noodles without an egg, not good enough.

Sekar Kedaton Faical and Scrub Room

Back to the story about skin care. One Almas Estetika skin care package is around Rp. 200.000 consisting of facial soap, toner, vitamin C, curtain cream/morning cream, and night cream. Because there is a discount, so one package is only Rp. 130.000. Ah, it’s heaven to be able to buy skin care when it’s on sale, hahaha

The complete Almas Aesthetic skin care package

I’ve been using Almas Estetika skin care for two years, stopped for two months because I tried LBC. But it turns out that it is more suitable to use Almas Estetika. Yes, how about it, skin care is also compatible like soul mates. Hmmm
After starting to use Almas Estetika again, my acne gradually reduced, although there are still one or two. As long as you regularly use the product range, continue to diligently clean your face before going to bed.

This salon can also be used for men’s facials, the products are not just for acne-prone skin, there are products that make your face glow, there are also products that remove black spots.

Sekar Kedaton is on Jl. Riyanto, Sumampir, Purwokerto Utara, Kabupaten Banyumas, Jawa Tengah. Near SPN (State Police School) Purwokerto. Open every day 10.00-17.00 WIB. You can purchase products online. 🙂 

Ella Fitria

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