Toyota ALL NEW AVANZA 2022 Interior Now Comes with More Spacious Space

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If you want to buy a car that can accommodate family activities, now the Toyota All New Avanza 2022 is here to answer that need. Moreover, in terms of comfort and safety, the Toyota Avanza Interior actually has many advantages.

Advantages of the Toyota Avanza Interior to Support Comfort and Safety

1. Interior Type

Toyota ALL NEW AVANZA 2022 Interior

The interior of the Toyota All New Avanza 2022 includes a high-tech New Dynamic Head Unit dashboard. moreover, there is also a stop/start button and a USB port and power slot, which allows you to charge your cell phone. Don’t forget the new digital AC device whose temperature can be adjusted in such a way for comfort while driving.

2. Steering Wheel And Console

Toyota ALL NEW AVANZA 2022 Interior

The Toyota All New Avanza has a power steering wheel which makes things very easy for the driver. Coupled with a comfortable console, and there is also a place for you to put drinks and other items.

3. Car Seat

There are three rows of car seats in the interior of the Toyota All New Avanza. The first row of seats is made of fabric with seat belts that have a reminder system. This seats can also be folded to resemble a long sofa. The second row is also made of fabric and is equipped with safe head support. Meanwhile, the third row can be used as a long sofa mode, but can also be folded if you need a large room at the back for luggage.

4. Interior Entertainment

On the dashboard of the New Dynamic Head Unit, there are entertainment devices such as USB, Bluetooth and radio, which allow you to play your favorite songs or other entertainment, so you don’t feel bored and are always entertained on the go.

5. Safety Interior

For interior safety, it is equipped with six airbags as protection. The bench for children can also be adjusted, so that the child feels comfortable in the car.

6. Competitive Prices

With a sophisticated and complete interior and facilities, the price of the Toyota All New Avanza 2022 is set at IDR 219,100,000. The price is quite competitive with similar cars in its class.

Determining your family’s dream car certainly requires careful thought and planning. When you plan to buy a car that can meet all your family’s needs, you can read the following tips.

Tips for Buying a Car for Family Activities

For a family, car transportation is definitely needed to support activities. Say things like picking up and dropping off children from school, work, or even vacation. As a result, having a car will really help in the smooth running of all activities. However, the fact is that it is not easy to find a dream car that can accommodate all family activities. Especially among the many newest cars, which definitely offer the best facilities.

So what are the tips for buying a car for family activities?

1. Fund Readiness

Make sure you have sufficient funds to buy a car. Avoid buying a car at a price beyond your means, so as not to result in excessive debt in the future.

To find out the estimated price of the Toyota ALL NEW AVANZA 2022, friends can check it via Auto2000 Mobile in real time. In fact, you can also choose the color, type and budget according to what you have prepared.

2. Engine and Fuel

Pay attention to the suitability between your mobility and the car’s engine power. This is because the cc of a car engine is closely related to fuel consumption. Economical fuel automatically makes it easier for you to save.

You can also find out more about engines and fuel in more detail on Auto2000 Mobile.

3. Maintenance Costs

You also have to consider the cost of car maintenance. Because the maintenance costs will be more expensive if the car facilities are in the sophisticated category.

4. There is an Official Workshop

Also make sure whether there is an official repair shop for the car you buy. Having an official repair shop will make it easier for you to repair or maintain your car safely.

5. Safety and Comfort Standards for Car Interiors

The car should have an interior with safety and comfort standards, including seat belts, airbags, air conditioning, music player and a spacious interior, so that you and your family are safe and comfortable when traveling.

Come on, get acquainted with Auto2000 to see the Toyota Avanza Interior and specs

As times progress increasingly rapidly, digitalization has become the main guard in various aspects. One of them, new innovations from Auto2000 Digiroom. Auto2000 is a new transformation of the website which is currently turning into an e-commerce website for selling official Toyota cars, spare parts and accessories in Indonesia.

In the past, the era was all conventional, now many have switched to digital, including the Auto2000 service. So, now customers can purchase new vehicles, after-sales, spare parts, accessories, as well as Trade In and purchase used cars (in collaboration with Astra Auto Trust) with just the touch of a finger via a smartphone screen.

Auto2000 carries the concept of “seamless end-to-end customer experience”. This means that Auto2000 ensures that customers experience service on the digital platform that is as good as that received at Auto2000 branches. The Auto2000 Mobile application also allows customers to make Toyota vehicle maintenance easier, starting from ordering THS – Auto2000 Home Service, tracking service status, to simulating financing (leasing) calculations.​​​​​​​

Let’s pray together, so that at the end of this year or early 2023 we can propose to the Toyota ALL NEW AVANZA 2022. Amen. The thing is, I’m really drooling over the interior on offer. Of course, it’s more spacious and more comfortable to travel with your family!


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